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At Sudhai, all our products are made using only high quality ‘European-grade’ PVC. This guarantees every PVC curtain, strip, roll or sheet we supply will possess outstanding see-through qualities and allow light to pass through with minimum distortion. They will also provide unbeatable energy-saving performance, be hardwearing and long-lasting.

Normal Grade


High quality 50m PVC rolls with outstanding see-through qualities. Unbeatable energy-saving performance, hardwearing and long-lasting. High resistance to cracking in temperatures between -15ºC and 50ºC.

High tensile strength & low thermal conductivity

Freezer Grade


High quality 50m rolls of low-temperature polar grade PVC for use in freezers. Remains flexible and resists cracking down to -32°C. Unbeatable energy-saving performance, hardwearing and long-lasting

Normal Polar: -30 Deg Cel
Super Polar  : -60 Deg Cel

Ribbed Grade


High quality 50m ribbed PVC rolls offering increased resistance to damage in areas of heavy use by pallet trucks, forklifts and vehicles. Unbeatable energy-saving performance, hardwearing and long-lasting. High resistance to cracking in temperatures between -15°C and 50°C

Anti Insect Grade


Insect Yellow PVC Strip is often called ” no bug” or “anti-insect” because it reduces the attraction of insects to light sources on the other side of the strip. It also blocks ultraviolet radiation and can be used in many varied applications.

Insect Yellow is good for indoor and outdoor applications where temperatures ranges from 10 deg C to 45 deg C


Strips can be installed using an easy to install hardware with desired overlapping



Sudhai offers top-of-the-line, heavy-duty strip door hardware that can be installed in a matter of minutes and lasts for years. The strips are all mounted on hardware that has standard measurements and fit nearly every strip curtain and door. All hardware comes with the appropriate number of retainer bars and keeps nuts to ensure PVC installation to the desired lengths.

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